Yoga beats Project European Tour 2018

Hello beautiful people.

This summer I had the pleasure of travelling around Europe sharing my passion and Love at some amazing festivals, beautiful locations, green sceneries, lakes and much more.

It has been an unique experience, challenging in a way as well as pleasant, night trains, packed flights, many hours stuck in busses and on the other hand beautiful outdoors sleeping(cold and wet sometimes).

I had the opportunity of meeting many beautiful interesting humans beings along the way, I was able to share with them my knowledge connecting through my therapies.

My aim was to rise consciousness and awareness of how to explore life on a deeper way,  feeling each other flowing individually as well as together in this paradise called Mother Earth.

Check here some new videos and pictures from this adventure that brought me to places like:

Portugal-Boom festival 2018



Netherlands PSY fi festival 2018

Didgeridoo healing at Yoga beats Project at PSY fi festival

Yoga beats Project at PSY fi festival 2018

Sweden No Mind festival 2018

No Mind festival in Sweden

Hungry Ozora festival 2018

Ozora Didgeridoo healing 2018

Healing Lomi Lomi workshop



Yoga Beats Project travelling across the Planet..!!!

Pablo Gascon creator of Yoga beats Project has been travelling for the past 2 years around the world sharing his heart and passion all over the Planet Earth.

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Bali, Ibiza, Barcelona, Portugal, Amsterdam, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal are some of the places where Pablo has been.
Pablo’s aim is to bring Yoga beats Project to people that is having a hard time in life right now, like refugees in Athens and evacuated people in Bali caused of¬† potential Agung Volcano eruption, teaching dance and laughter to kids in Bali has been such a blessing for him and everyone involved.
His passion is to transform people’s life through Yoga, dance, music and humans connections.

Check here some pictures of his travels.

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