TEMPLE DANCE PROJECT by Pablo Gascon creator is delivering sessions in Stockholm

Get in touch by email. yogabeatsproject@gmail.com

Hawaiian healing massage in Stockholm now with Pablo Gascon.

Online Temple Dance Project.

Free expression of my Soul.

Temple Dance Project retreat in Portugal

Pablo Gascon is in Finland right now!

Times are changing and humans are changing too, there’s a major change happening right now in our consciousness….

It is time for a global reseting, people have to come together to reunite our hearts and fights for our freedom and right to be loved and love, our rights as a Mother Earth child.

SELF AWARENESS RETREAT May 24-29 Praia da Tocha, Portugal 2020.

Workshops by Pablo Gascon in October in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Unique opportunity to learn from somebody that have been moving, dancing, practicing Yoga for over 12 years with lots of passion and good vibes.

Pablo Gascon @ YOGA BEATS PROJECT in Hoi An

Ecstatic Dance Hoi An.

A new series of events held in a beautiful town called Hoi An in Vietnam.

A free form of dance where participants are able to express through movement, no prerequisites are required just join us to have fun.

Pablo Gascon is the Dj for this events, he is the founder and creator of Yoga beats Project.

Sao is the coo- founder of this project as well as a facilitator.

For more info go to our facebook group:


Happiness is a way of living, a way of freedom between worlds and structures. Between the now and what we think the now it should be….

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