It’s a unique therapy that allow participants to express themselves, a experience like no other as it has Pablo’s guidance which it’s something natural to Pablo, the gift to encourage people to just be without Mind.

The ability to drop from your mind into you Heart, sometimes isn’t easy at all because we are living in such a world of doing doing doing…

Always we are looking for recognition and approval forgetting the true essence of why we are here..

The therapy allow you to be as you are, the little child inside of all of us, through Yoga, dance, meditation, connection, music and conscious breathing… we can access to the state of full awareness, participants can feel and think less, embrace the breath and the true essence.

If this activates something inside of you and develop curiosity..

Join us for the next retreat in Portugal 27th of June-2nd of July.

Awakening Yoga beats Project Retreat.


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